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Overview of services

Perfection Unleashed works with small business owners and entrepreneurs providing them with administrative and marketing support solutions that help them organize and streamline their business operations while also assisting their clients with developing an online presence.


-Data Entry

-Bookkeeping (Payments/Invoicing)

-Call Handling

-Appointment Setting

-Inbox/Calendar Management

-Insurance Billing/Verification

Online Marketing

-Social Media Management

-Graphic Design (Canva)


-Email Marketing

-Landing Page Creation

-Web Design

Time is money and location isn't everything

A virtual assistant not only supports your business by taking all of your administrative and marketing needs saving you time, but they also save you money by being an independent contractor instead of an employee. As an independent contractor, you aren’t required to provide a physical location which cuts down on overhead costs, but you can even file them as a taxable expense!